A Greeting from Our Senior Pastors

There is nothing better than the feeling of coming home... a place where you belong, where you don't have to try to be someone or something else other than exactly who you are. My hope and prayer is that even now as you are looking at our church website, you would begin to feel a sense of home at PowerHouse Church.

My wife and I have been in ministry for over 30 years now, and there is no where else we would rather be than in the house of the Lord, serving and connecting with His people. Wherever you find yourself, whatever your relationship with God is or whatever your opinion about the whole “church” thing might be, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you, and let you know that you are welcome here!

We believe that the Church, gathered together to lift up the name of Jesus and make Him known, is God’s answer for humanity, and we would love to invite you to be a part of what our church community is doing to heal this broken world. We aren’t claiming to be perfect or that we have it all figured out, but I can guarantee you that at our church, you will encounter authentic people who love God, and hopefully that you will have a God encounter for yourself, and discover all that He has for you.

We look forward to meeting you, and pray that you would find a church community where you can flourish and feel empowered to become all that God has purposed for you to be, whether it’s at our church or another.

All our love,

Desmond & Sandy Frey


What does the service look like?

Sundays are a highlight for us, as it is the one time during the week where we all get together as a church community.

You will find that we dress pretty casually, but you are welcome to dress up if you would like! Parking can be a little bit tricky due to our current location, but if you are having trouble, our Welcome Team will be able to help you. You will be greeted at the door by some of our friendliest faces, and shown where to go.

If you have any kids with you, you are welcome to bring them to our PowerHouse Kids service which runs the same time as the main service. You can check in your kids before church starts, and pick them up once you have finished visiting with people after the service. They will have a lot of fun!

Our services generally last for 90 minutes. We start off with powerful and engaging worship, followed by an update on everything that is going on in church life. Next is the teaching of God’s Word by one of our amazing pastors. Having such a large international community, each service is bi-lingual (English/German). After the message, we make time for you to respond in whatever way you feel God is leading you. That may mean worship, private prayer, or a chance to pray with someone from our Prayer Team. We invite you to make yourself at home, and do whatever feels comfortable for you.

After our service, we have what we like to call “Family Time”. There is GOOD food, FREE coffee, and a chance to meet some of the amazing people that call PowerHouse home. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, please feel free ask someone from our Dream Team to help you with any questions you might have. We will have an Information Desk that will be very easy to find, where you can learn more information about our church.

Don’t forget to fill out one of our Connect Cards, so we can get your information and catch up with you during the week.

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— Claire C.

SUNDAY- 10:30-11:45

Flughofstrasse 41
8152, Glattbrugg

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